What We Want To See From Square Enix During Not-E3

Of all the companies (potentially) hosting events this summer for Not-E3 (check out our schedule here), there are perhaps none with bigger questions surrounding it than Square Enix. Having recently announced the sale of its Western studios including Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, the majority of its development efforts appear to be Japan-focused. So, just what does that mean for game reveals this June?

The GameSpot staff chose what we’d most like to see from Square Enix this year, ranking from the plausible to the very optimistic dreams. Please, Square Enix–at least make a few of these happen.

Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox

It feels like it’s been years of hearing that Final Fantasy XIV might come to Xbox consoles, but it’s time to finally make that happen. The MMO’s popularity has never been greater, and what better way to leverage that than by bringing it to another set of platforms? While I tend to spend a lot of time playing solo in MMOs, I’m never more motivated to invest time in them than when I have other friends who are also playing, even if we’re not always logged in at the same time. For me, most of those friends tend to play games on Xbox, so it would be the ideal place for me to finally sink my teeth into XIV in the way I’ve always meant to. I hear it even has a free trial. — Chris Pereira

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Author: Gabe Gurwin