Hot Drop: Apex Legends Falls Short When It Comes To Valkyrie, Wattson, Maggie, And Rampart’s Muscles

Hot Drop is GameSpot’s weekly Apex Legends column, in which Jordan Ramée takes a closer look at Respawn’s battle royale to provide additional insight into the game’s evolution, as well as dive deeper into its episodic storytelling and characters.

Does anyone else notice something strange about Apex Legends’ Valkyrie, Wattson, Mad Maggie, and Rampart? Like, it’s weird that four of the legends that shoulder some of the heaviest equipment in the game are, at the same time, some of the thinnest, right? It kind of feels like those four need buffs to their actual stature.

In Valkyrie, Wattson, and Rampart’s case, all three legends are carrying what looks to be exceptionally heavy equipment on their backs at all times. Wattson carries around her cumbersome-looking Interception Pylon, Rampart is lugging around this massive minigun, and Valkyrie has a jetpack that utilizes the repurposed flight core of a Titan.

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Author: Jordan Ramée