Sniper Elite 5 Beginner’s Tips

Sniper Elite 5 isn’t a particularly easy game with its requirement of intense focus, plenty of patience, and a sharp eye. If you plan to beat back the Nazis in this World War II tale, you’ll want to go in ready to give every moment of the game’s stealth gameplay your full attention–which can take quite a lot out of a person. In this guide, we’ll try to lift a little of that weight off your shoulders with a handful of tips that can help set yourself up for success.

Pick the right skills early on

Sniper Elite 5 sports a collection of skills that you can invest in by using points you gain each time you level up. Making good choices early on in your campaign can pay off drastically by granting you boons that completely change the playing field. For instance, you’ll definitely want to grab both of the Health Boost skills and skills like Deep Breath and Cardio, both of which play a huge part in reducing how quickly your heart rate increases. Check out our Best Skills To Buy First guide for a list of all of the best early game pick-ups in the skill circles.

Spend some time perfecting your loadout

While you can get away with just any old loadout on the game’s lowest difficulty, you’ll want to learn which items suit your playstyle best when playing on higher settings. Before each mission, make sure you go through and consider what options will meet your needs.

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Author: Billy Givens