Sea Of Thieves Lost Sands Guide: Hunter’s Path, Servant’s Path, And Journals

The Lost Sands Adventure in Sea of Thieves is live now through June 9, tasking players with restoring Golden Sands to its former glory–or destroying it forever. In a first for Rare’s swashbuckling adventure, it seems the path you choose will have a permanent effect on the game’s map. The Adventure revolves around choosing a side to begin with and completing a set of tasks to aid your faction. While the event lasts, though, you can complete the other faction’s quest and take on a handful of other tasks to help ensure your side wins.

How to start Sea of Thieves Lost Sands Adventure

You can begin this leg of Merrick’s story by speaking with Larinna at any Outpost. She represents the Bilge Rats and is always standing outside the tavern. Choose the last dialogue option to begin the adventure, and then Larinna presents you with a choice. You can help rebuild Golden Sands (the Hunter’s Path) or you can investigate the strange sightings (Servant’s Path).

While the phrasing suggests the Servant’s Path is just about gathering intel, it isn’t. Choosing the Servant’s Path allies you with those who wish to keep Merrick’s band from rebuilding Golden Sands.

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Author: Josh Broadwell