My Time At Sandrock Tips for Beginners

My Time at Sandrock is suspiciously lax about how quickly you need to reach your goals. It could be that it wants you to go at your own pace, but it also might be quietly judging you. I don’t want it to look unfavorably upon your crafting skills and work ethic, so here are some tips for beginners that will get you some good speed off the starting line.

Go to bed at a decent hour

It’s tempting to just keep cramming food into your face to keep your stamina topped up, but eventually, your character will putter out anyway. If you go to bed past midnight your character will complain the next day that they need to go to bed earlier. Stay up later until 03:00 and your lightweight digital persona will pass out. If you get a good night’s sleep, you’ll receive an experience and attack buff.

A decent strategy is to make a routine of having worktime and downtime. Worktime is anything that requires exertion, whether that’s exploration or resource harvesting. Downtime is the stuff that doesn’t drain your stamina, which includes shopping, crafting, or talking to NPCs. Then, just keep an eye on the time and get to bed at a good hour. An adult requires eight hours of sleep every night, and it doesn’t look like Sandrock has discovered coffee yet.

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Author: Zoey Handley