Here’s Why Nightwing Has A Fortnite-Like Glider In Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights has a large sandbox for players to explore, and depending on which hero you choose, Batman’s proteges all have a unique method for getting around the city. Red Hood taps into mystical powers to create spiritual platforms that he can leap off of, Batgirl has a more traditional gliding mechanic, and Nightwing takes to the sky with a device that fans have jokingly referred to as a Fortnite glider.

In a Discord A&A session, creative director Patrick Redding explained the inspiration behind the glider that’s nicknamed “the Flying Trapeze” in Gotham Knights. Developer Warner Bros. Montreal took inspiration from some of the classic issues of the Nightwing comic book series where he made use of several jet-powered gliders that echoed his circus upbringing.

“We liked the death-defying angle of him looking at all the various stealth drones in Batman’s arsenal and calculating that he could just get away with hanging off one of the smaller models and still be able to maintain or gain altitude with it,” Redding explained. “It’s designed to feel a bit improvised, and dependent on his extreme athleticism, which fits Nightwing’s approach to everything. Flying it has such a different feel from Batgirl’s cape-gliding, and it blends really well with his bigger parkour and leap moves, as well as with grappling.”

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys