Today’s Wordle Answer (#340) – May 25, 2022

What’s up my fellow Wordle freaks, it is May 25 and today’s answer is something we’re all probably a little familiar with. We’ve likely asked a friend to do today’s word for us, and chances are we’ve done it for them too!

Have you tried today’s Wordle? If you haven’t sussed it out already, it’s a verb. I like verbs, if only because then I have to try a little harder on my hints than just give you some form of the definition. The way I got today’s word is actually quite simple: I had a backup word. I’m always getting on you all about the importance of opening words (and they really are integral), but what do you do when your opening word bombs? Well, have another one ready. In two guesses, you could knock out about half the vocabulary, and if you pick especially right you could even handle every vowel. My second guess put me within spitting distance of a win all because I covered as much ground as I possibly could.

If you’re in need of a great opener, or maybe even a backup to your opener, we’ve got a list of fantastic starting words you can pick from. I’m sure that any two words on there that don’t share letters will do significant damage.

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Author: Moises Taveras