The Best Early Vendor Upgrades To Get In Destiny 2’s Season Of The Haunted

Destiny 2′s Season of the Haunted has arrived and with it a bunch of new loot, new challenges, and a new vendor. Once players have completed the first mission of the season, they’ll find that the Fallen wing of the H.E.L.M is now retrofitted with a new artifact, the Crown of Sorrow, found aboard the Glykon back in the Season of the Hunt, which now functions as the seasonal vendor

Much like the War Table in the past season, the Crown of Sorrow is where players will be able to purchase upgrades, rank up for rewards, collect bounties, and focus Umbral Engrams for gear related to the current season. Early on, the most important thing players will be doing at the Crown of Sorrow is buying ability upgrades with Figments of Darkness, a currency that can be sparingly earned through seasonal story completion, as a rank reward through the Crown of Sorrow, and some seasonal challenges.

The upgrade tree is split into three paths depending on what players want:

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Author: Moises Taveras