New On Amazon Prime Video In June 2022: The Boys, No Time To Die, Top Gun And More

Amazon Prime Video is starting June off with a bang. While you still have over a week to wait before the avalanche of new shows and movies starts, you can get a look at what’s coming below to make sure you clear enough real-world responsibilities from your schedule ahead of time.

June starts with The Boys Season 3, the latest season in Amazon Prime’s ultra-violent superhero show. Last season had Billy Butcher and his crew fighting not only the terrifyingly unbalanced Homelander, but his new girlfriend–Nazi superwoman Stormfront. The season ended in a rough place, with some heavy casualties and a job with plenty of work still needing to be done.

On the movie side, tons of classics are hitting the service, including Top Gun, Half-Baked, figure skating classic The Cutting Edge, Groundhog Day, the entire Twilight Saga, Mr. Mom, and more. Those are all ready to stream right on June 1.

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Author: Eric Frederiksen