LG turned its 48-inch OLED TV into a huge 4K gaming monitor

Late last year, I plopped a giant 48-inch OLED television on my desk in search of the one screen to rule them all. It was fantastic, with amazing color, inky blacks, G-Sync, and FreeSync Premium on a 120Hz panel — but not exactly suited to be the perfect PC screen. Now, LG is tailoring its television a bit more for desk use with the new LG UltraGear 48GQ900, which adds some of the features I wished I had in that review.

Chief among them: the stand. While the LG C1 48 and LG CX 48 televisions featured a big wide base that discourages any attempt at desktop cable management and blocks the rest of your desk from view, the new UltraGear monitor has a more traditional V-shaped foot that lifts the whole screen off the table.

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Author: Sean Hollister