Fortnite Rail Gun And Recon Scanner: Locations, Stats, And How They Work

After some recent Star Wars hijinx and a dose of sideways guns, Fortnite is shaking things up again this week by unvaulting the Rail Gun and Recon Scanner weapons. If you’re looking to scan some folks or blast them to bits, you’ll have a good time with these classic additions. Here’s where to find these weapons, their stats, and how they work.

Where to find the Rail Gun and how it works

The Rail Gun can be found as ground loot or in chests and does not require any additional steps to obtain. It uses Heavy Bullets and comes in Rare (85 DPS), Epic (89 DPS), and Legendary (94 DPS) versions, each also decreasing the time taken to reload.

The Rail Gun has always been considered one of the most powerful weapons in Fortnite history, largely thanks to the fact that it uses hitscan, meaning there’s no bullet drop-off at range. However, it only loads a single bullet at a time and requires a short charge-up period between each shot.

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Author: Billy Givens