Dragon Age 4: Everything We Know About Bioware’s Upcoming Fantasy RPG

Developer BioWare first teased it was working on a new Dragon Age-related project in December 2018, confirming the project is actually an untitled fourth mainline Dragon Age game nearly two years later. Since then, we haven’t heard all that much, save for a few intriguing nuggets of information. But, with both Summer Game Fest and all the Not-E3 summer events on the near horizon, it feels like a new announcement could be imminent.

With Anthem abandoned and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition completed and released, BioWare is most likely now focusing on its two announced RPG projects: Dragon Age 4 and a brand-new Mass Effect. And since we know a little bit more about Dragon Age 4, it’s probably the game that we’re getting first. Below, we go over everything that we know about Dragon Age 4.

Release date

Neither BioWare nor publisher Electronic Arts have officially revealed a release date for Dragon Age 4–heck, we still don’t even know what the game is going to be called. So your guess is as good as ours.

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Author: Jordan Ramée