Battle With Mega Evolved Pokemon In Pokemon Go’s Next Battle Day

Pokemon Go has a new Battle Day event on the way, this time with an exciting limited-time addition. For the first time, trainers will be able to use Mega-Evolved Pokemon in Master League battles, as part of the Go Battle Day taking place on Sunday May 29.

The new addition to Pokemon Go’s PVP Battle League is designed as a celebration of the recent changes made to the mobile game’s Mega Evolution system, which added Mega Levels, and made it easier to Mega Evolve Pokemon. While Mega Evolved Pokemon could already be deployed to fight in Raids and Gyms, this is the first time they’ll be able to be used in PVP battles.

Mega-Evolved Pokemon will only be able to be deployed in Master League battles, and trainers will have to remember to Mega Evolve their chosen Pokemon before the battle starts. The feature will only be available for 24 hours during Go Battle Day, so trainers will want to make the most of it.

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Author: Hayley Williams