An Elden Ring Co-Op Overhaul Is Coming Soon Thanks To Modders

Exploring Elden Ring can be a blast with friends, and players will soon be able to do it with far fewer restrictions thanks to an upcoming mod.

The in-the-works “Seamless Co-op” mod for Elden Ring on PC will let up to four players party together to fight their way through the Lands Between, with no boundaries or barriers on where cooperators can go.

Normally, summoning players for co-op in Elden Ring (or in previous From Software developed RPG’s like Dark Souls) can be a bit of a pain, requiring the use of certain items and often coming with a whole heap of restrictions on where cooperating players can go and what they can do. A summoned cooperator that dies while in another player’s world is booted back to their own world, meaning maintaining a consistent co-op experience can be a challenge.

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Author: Cameron Koch