Palworld Trailer Shows More Exploration, Overwhelming Firepower In The Pokemon-With-Guns Game

A new trailer for Palworld has been released online, showing more of the game’s colorful world, Pokemon-inspired creatures, and how you can use a sawed-off shotgun to subdue them.

Described as a multiplayer game with survival-crafting mechanics in a vast world, the new trailer showcases a quick look at how you’ll explore the land, use your Pals to build structures for you, and how to make wild Pals faint with an arrow to the head–possibly permanently.

Once you’ve captured a Pal, you can put them into indentured servitude where they’ll happily–on the outside–build structures for you, or you can lock them in a factory where they’ll spend the rest of their days on an assembly line putting automatic assault rifles together.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys