Forspoken: Everything We Know About Square Enix’s Open-World Action Fantasy Game

Forspoken is a rarity for Square Enix these days. The RPG publisher dabbles frequently in smaller titles based on new ideas, but it’s rare to see a big budget, triple-A experience taking place in a wholly original universe. That kind of development money is usually set aside for titles like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. In any case, Square Enix has shown some real confidence in the game with gameplay footage showing off impressive visuals that make it look like a game that belongs on the current generation of consoles and boasts impressive load times.

Frey's closest ally in Forspoken will be the particle effects.
Frey’s closest ally in Forspoken will be the particle effects.

As we head into Summer Game Fest and all the various Not-E3 summer events we decided to check in on Forspoken and outline everything we know about the game ahead of its planned October 2022 release date.

Release date

Forspoken is scheduled to be released on PlayStation 5 and PC on October 11, 2022.

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Author: Kyle Hilliard