Apex Legends Mobile Was The Most Downloaded iOS Game In 60 Countries Last Week

According to a recent report by PocketGamer, the mobile version of Respawn’s popular battle royale, Apex Legends, has become the most-downloaded iOS game in 60 countries in the six days since its May 17 launch. Those countries include the US, the UK, Japan, Germany, India, and more. Apex Legends Mobile is also in the top 10 most-downloaded games in the App Store in 89 countries.

Just days after the announcement that the original version of the game had surpassed $2 billion in revenue in the three years since its release, the mobile version of Apex Legends has unseated long-time mobile gaming juggernauts like the highly-popular Battlegrounds Mobile India, taking their spots at the top of the mobile gaming food chain. The game’s popularity isn’t surprising, as the console/PC version of the game has enjoyed sustained popularity since its release in February 2019. But the speed with which it has amassed its enormous playerbase is quite impressive. By launch day, over 15 million players had pre-registered for the game, in part due to Respawn Entertainment’s pre-launch promotion, which advertised a series of prizes that would be unlocked for each pre-registered player, with rewards based on the total number of players who had pre-registered by launch day.

There are still plenty of other incentives for those who didn’t pre-register–the mobile game has a large amount of mobile-exclusive content, from Season 1’s debut legend, Fade, to the release of a Team Deathmatch mode which has yet to hit the console and PC versions of the game. Apex Legends Mobile also gives players the option to play in first- or third-person, while the original version of the game only allows players a first-person POV. Complete with its own YouTube channel, battle pass, and mobile-exclusive cosmetic skins, Apex Legends Mobile is far from a copy-and-pasted clone of the original game. While there is no cross-platform play with the console and PC versions of Apex Legends, the mobile game does have controller support, so console players who are new to mobile shooters shouldn’t have too much trouble getting their bearings in Apex Mobile.

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Author: Claire Lewis