Prime Video’s Outer Range Will Fill That Twin Peaks And Dark-Shaped Hole In Your Life

2022 has been something of a renaissance period for out-of-the-box genre TV. Showtime’s Yellowjackets–the story of a maybe-but-maybe-not cannibalistic girls soccer team stranded in the probably haunted Canadian wilderness–felt like an heir to the pop culture behemoth Lost. AppleTV+’s Severance borrowed ideas from the niche subgenre of corporate horror (think games like The Stanley Parable or even sci-fi shows like Westword) to create a tense and harrowing examination of work/life balance. Now, Prime Video is getting in on the action with Outer Range, which launched on the platform back in April with an 8 episode first season.

However, unlike both Yellowjackets and Severance, Outer Range failed to generate the same mainstream buzz and conversation as it quietly completed its first season run–and that’s truly a shame, because where Yellowjackets felt like Lost and Severance felt like a horror rendition of The Truman Show, Outer Range feels cut from the same cloth as other cult classic juggernauts, specifically David Lynch’s loved-and-loathed Twin Peaks and Netflix’s German sleeper hit, Dark.

Perhaps this isn’t entirely surprising, seeing as both Twin Peaks and Dark were never what anyone could call blockbuster hits in their own time–but, hey, sometimes the shows you have to go looking for on your own are the ones that stick with you the most, right? And Outer Range is definitely one of those shows.

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Author: Mason Downey