Sniper Elite 5: Everything To Know

Sniper Elite 5, the latest in Rebellion’s head-shottin’, x-rayin’ shooter series is upon us. If this is your first Sniper Elite game, or you’re a series veteran, here’s everything you need to know about Sniper Elite 5.

Plot & Setting

Sniper Elite 5 takes place in 1944, at the apex of the Second World War. The Allies have uncovered a secret Nazi plot codenamed Projekt Kraken which will turn the tide of the war in the Axis’ favor. Playing as US sniper Karl Fairburne once again, you’ll head to war-torn France, make contact with the resistance troops defending their homeland, and take down Projekt Kraken before it’s too late. As it turns out, Kraken is a larger Nazi operation to attack America, which would have a huge negative impact on D-Day. Speaking of, the events of the game take place just before and just after D-Day with Karl Fairburne going in to soften up enemy positions for the planned invasion before uncovering and getting swept up in this larger plot.

Gameplay: what’s different?

In terms of gameplay, yes, you’ll still be shooting Nazis in the head (or other places) and get those gory x-ray kill cams, just like in previous Sniper Elite games, but the team at Rebellion has made a lot of tweaks and additions for the fifth instalment.

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Author: Lucy James