Ewan McGregor Credits Star Wars Prequel Fans For His Obi-Wan Return

Disney+’s upcoming limited series Obi-Wan Kenobi will fill a hole in the Skywalker Saga between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, while expanding on ideas birthed out of Star Wars: Rebels. However, this show may not have happened if it weren’t for prequel fans explaining their love of those movies to series star Ewan McGregor.

Arriving on the streaming service on May 27, McGregor reprises his role as the Jedi Knight, but years before this show came to fruition, McGregor didn’t see his work on the prequels as positively affecting anyone. “One of the difficult things about being in the prequels was that, when they came out, it didn’t seem well received because there was no social media,” McGregor said during an Obi-Wan press conference. “There was no direct avenue to the fans at the time and also the fans were kids.”

McGregor explained the prequel films were made for a younger generation, much like how the original trilogy was also aimed at younger kids. “When the first film came out, A New Hope, I was born ’71, so I think I was six or seven when it came out, and I’ll never forget that feeling and my relationship with Star Wars, all those original first three films. That’s one of the crazy things about being in Star Wars now at all, is that I’m in it.”

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Author: Mat Elfring