Destiny 2 Vault Size Increasing By 100 In Season 17

Bungie has announced that in Destiny 2‘s next season, players will get an increase to their vault space.

As outlined in the latest TWAB post, Bungie said that it would be increasing players vault size by 100 spaces, bringing the grand total to 600 items. This marks Destiny 2’s first expansion to player’s vault size in nearly four years, since the last time it received an increase was in Destiny 2’s lauded Forsaken expansion.

Vault space, which has been viewed as a precious commodity by the most heavily invested Destiny 2 players, has been a frequent source of tension for the community since it last received an upgrade. It has not only been years since players vault spaces were bumped to 500 slots; countless seasons and three expansions chock full of armor and weapons have arrived in the game since then, meaning that vault space has been long overdue. For a game all about collecting rare and precious loot, the lack of updates to vault size began feeling hostile to many long-term players, and countless have taken to poking fun at the situation, with some content creators going so far as making videos of them clearing or roasting others vaults.

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Author: Moises Taveras