Get An Early Look At Pokemon TCG Astral Radiance, The Arceus-Inspired Expansion

We’re just weeks away from the release of the next Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion set. Astral Radiance arrives in stores on May 27, and we had the chance to take an early look at the new cards joining the game. Though technically a Sword & Shield expansion, Astral Radiance is inspired by Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It features Hisuian versions of select Pokemon as well as background art that Arceus players will surely recognize.

Astral Radiance follows the formula of other recent Pokemon TCG expansions by containing VMAX, VSTAR, and V Pokemon. I pulled one of the two VMAX cards in Astral Radiance, a fierce and hypnotic-looking Machamp that is an absolute unit. Machamp’s G Max Chi Strike ability deals a whopping 240 damage. The two VMAX cards are joined by eight VSTAR and 21 V cards.

Machamp VMAX
Machamp VMAX

Just like the Brilliant Stars expansion that released earlier this year, there’s a subset of Trainer’s Gallery cards with unique artwork. The Trainer’s Gallery features 30 unique cards that are numbered outside of main 189-card expansion. I pulled a Rapid Strike Falinks that features multiple of the adorable little caterpillar dudes.

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Author: Steven Petite