Stone Cold Steve Austin Declares Breath Of The Wild To Be The Best Zelda Game

The topic of best Legend of Zelda game is one that usually has plenty of fierce discourse attached to it, but former WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin may have just settled the debate once and for all. In an upcoming episode of the Broken Skull Sessions the Rattlesnake will interview Cody Rhodes, but Austin set the stage with a series of rapid-fire questions for the former AEW employee.

Austin kicked off the session by asking Rhodes what he considered the best Legend of Zelda game to be, with the American Nightmare answering with Ocarina of Time. Without batting an eyelid, Austin informed Rhodes that he was wrong and that the best Zelda game according to him was in fact Breath of the Wild. You’re free to disagree with Austin of course, but good luck telling him that and not being on the receiving end of a Stunner.

A WWE Legend who raised hell during the Attitude Era of the sports entertainment company, Austin made his return to the ring at this year’s Wrestlemania. In his first match in almost two decades, Austin went one-on-one with Kevin Owens in a No Holds Barred bout that saw the Texan emerge victorious.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys