The future of electric vehicles is this 44-year-old pickup truck

This is the front end of the Ford F-100 truck from 1978, but it’s restored with gray and copper accents. The LED headlights are on and you can see the new access door on the driver-side front fender that houses the charge port.
The Ford F-100 Eluminator. | Becca Farsace

This 1978 Ford F-100 “Eluminator” pickup truck is the oldest vehicle I’ve ever driven, and also perhaps the newest. That’s because, despite its vintage exterior, everything inside, from the drivetrain to the dash, is less than one year old. Oh, and it’s fully electric.

Turns out what I’m really driving is a 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition, but you couldn’t tell from its gloriously restored 44-year-old truck shell from the outside. It’s a beautifully done restomod with fresh gray and copper accents, an F-100 Custom badge, and slick retro wheels.

Ford Performance, the automaker’s motorsports division, designed and commissioned the F-100 Eluminator and was built by…

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Author: Umar Shakir