Elden Ring: Where To Get Gavel Of Haima

It’s rather nice how easy it is to find most of Elden Ring‘s myriad of spells, but there are nevertheless a few that require you to solve some clever puzzles. In the case of Gavel of Haima, you’ll need to go on a bit of a journey to collect some other things before you can unlock the barrier between you and the sorcery, so read on to find out what all it’ll take to solve the Converted Fringe Tower puzzle and snag a new spell.

Gavel of Haima explained

Gavel of Haima is a sorcery that requires 25 Intelligence to cast. It swings a massive magical hammer at your foes in a visually cool fashion, and it’s great at breaking stances.

Gavel of Haima’s item description reads:

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Author: Billy Givens