Elden Ring: Where To Get Explosive Ghostflame

There are a lot of fun spells in Elden Ring, so deciding whether to go for sorceries or incantations can be tough. In a few rare spells, though, you’ll need both stats. Such is the case with Explosive Ghostflame, which has a high stat requirement in both Intelligence and Faith, making it a somewhat niche option for magic users. Either way, if it’s something you’d like to cast at your enemies, we’ve got you covered with this guide on how to get it.

Explosive Ghostflame explained

Explosive Ghostflame is a sorcery that requires 42 Intelligence and 30 Faith to cast. It creates a deadly black flame AOE explosion that burns enemies. Due to its unusually high stat investment in both core magic stats, it’s really only suitable for a very specific type of character build and isn’t usually going to be worth the points otherwise.

Explosive Ghostflame’s item description reads:

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Author: Billy Givens