Elden Ring: Where To Get Ancient Death Rancor

Most of Elden Ring‘s sorceries and incantations only require investment in a single stat to use, but in the case of some of the game’s Death Sorceries, players may find themselves needing to pump up both Intelligence and Faith to make use of them. Such is the case with Ancient Death Rancor, making it a niche spell for most–but if your build is suitable, read on to find out where to grab this deadly sorcery.

Ancient Death Rancor explained

Ancient Death Rancor is a sorcery that requires 34 Intelligence and 24 Faith to cast. It summons vengeful spirits that chase down and damage enemies. However, due to its unusual stat requirements, it’s best used only for niche builds and wouldn’t make sense for most sorcerers.

Ancient Death Rancor’s item description reads:

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Author: Billy Givens