DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: A Eulogy For The Best Arrowverse Show

Fridays are supposed to be the beginning of the weekend, a relief from the stress of the week. But just before the weekend of April 29th began, the CW finally gave the official notice that DC’s Legends of Tomorrow was being canceled after seven seasons. It’s a painful cancellation for its devoted fanbase, possibly fueled by an impending network sale, that leaves us on a heck of a cliffhanger. It feels like a good friend has left us.

It was the third or fourth show to join the Arrowverse, depending on whether you consider Supergirl’s CBS season as being a part of it. Legends of Tomorrow shouldn’t have worked. It all started with a terrible pitch: What if we took a bunch of side characters from different shows and made them time travelers?

And for the first season, that was kind of true. Like many other shows with devoted fanbases–Star Trek: The Next Generation and Parks and Recreation come to mind–it took the show a while to find its footing. The first season was overly dramatic, centering on the show’s least-likeable characters–Rip Hunter, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Vandal Savage–and on characters’ bad decisions, unnecessary secrets, and worst of all, a love triangle.

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Author: Eric Frederiksen