Switch Sports Tips For Beginners

Switch Sports is the successor to Nintendo’s massive pack-in game of yesteryear, Wii Sports. While the original was a breakout hit that helped illustrate the Wii’s unique strengths to a new global audience, the followup Wii Sports Resort was less successful at setting the world ablaze. Nintendo Switch Sports goes back to basics, with six sports-based minigames to enjoy at launch and Golf already announced to be coming with a free update. The six sports available at launch are Volleyball, Badminton, Bowling, Soccer, Chambara, and Tennis.

Like Wii Sports, the games in Switch Sports rely on motion controls through your JoyCon controllers. That means you’ll have to get up and off the couch to play–at least most of the time–and different games will use one or both JoyCons. You’ll also set your dominant hand when creating a profile, which will determine which controller you use for most of the games. The solo modes are essentially training against AI competitors, but they each come in three difficulty levels to help prepare you for harder opponents. Here are some tips to get you started in your Switch Sports career.


Volleyball is arguably the most full-fledged sport in the collection, as you’ll regularly be alternating with your partner between the flow of bumping, setting, spiking, and blocking. It uses two remotes, one of which is reserved just for positioning. Only the dominant hand remote uses motion tracking, but to really get the full effect of imitating the sport you’ll be moving your hands together.

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Author: Steve Watts