Jeffrey Dean Morgan Calls Out Toxic Walking Dead Fans After Melissa McBride Exits Spin-Off

The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan took to social media to call out people who have “gone way too far” with toxic outrage over reports that Melissa McBride has exited a planned Daryl and Carol-centric spin-off. News came out on Wednesday that McBride exited the project over “creative differences.”

“Melissa made a call that was hers alone,” writes Morgan. “She wants/needs a break. Respect that. Factors involved that are nobody’s business.” You can read the full tweet below, which also touches on pushback some fans have also given to Norman Reedus for speculations on his being a factor in McBride’s decisions.

The spin-off, which was first announced in September 2020, was one many were looking forward to since the characters–portrayed by Reedus and McBride–have been on the long-running show since Season 1. Not many details have come out about the spin-off, likely because any announcements would by definition spoil how the flagship The Walking Dead series will ultimately conclude. However, it’s now reported that this spin-off will now solely focus on Daryl.

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Author: David Wolinsky