Rogue Legacy 2 Tips For Beginners

Rogue Legacy 2 has arrived, following an extended period of being in Steam Early Access. Like the first game, the adventure revolves around a family of heroes all pursuing the same goal, with randomized traits that can make your runs easier, harder, or even just funnier. It takes a whole family and dozens of generations to take down the ultimate evil, so here are some tips to get you started in Rogue Legacy 2.

Familiarize yourself with new powers

When you start a new run, you’ll have your new standard weapon, along with two other abilities. These usually follow a pattern set by your class, but they can also be randomized. The last thing you need is to hit a button expecting a certain power to proc and then finding yourself surprised by some completely different effect. So before you start exploring the castle in earnest, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with your abilities, possibly even triggering them to get a feel for their range and speed.

Invest in skill tree unlocks that earn money

Money makes the world go around in Rogue Legacy 2, and the more money you can make and keep between runs means the faster you’ll be able to upgrade everything else. For that reason, it’s important to prioritize money-making. Obviously you’ll need to invest in other unlocks like new classes, passive upgrades, and gear. But if an opportunity to enhance your cashflow presents itself, get that one first.

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Author: Steve Watts