Have A Nice Death Gets World 5 Tomorrow, Adding Modern Warfare To The Challenging Roguelike

Have a Nice Death gets its first major content add-on tomorrow, April 28–its first since launching in early access–with the Infrastructure Development Update. The update adds the complete World 5, which is thematically stylized around the concept of death caused by modern warfare. I got to play through the Department of Modern Warfare and check out the rest of the new content coming in the Infrastructure Development Update ahead of its release.

It’s all great–especially the new Department of Modern Warfare, which is incredibly challenging. I very much appreciated having Have a Nice Death lead game designer Simon Dutertr and narrative designer and marketing director Mérédith Alfroy on-hand to provide advice (and eventually take over when World 5 ultimately proved too tough for me and thoroughly kicked my ass).

Available in Steam Early Access, Have a Nice Death is a hand-drawn 2D action platformer roguelike where you play as Death, the founder and CEO of Death, Inc. After centuries spent on the clock, Death is burned out and in serious need of a vacation; however, he can’t manage to get away with all the paperwork that keeps piling up on account of his lazy subordinates. He eventually snaps, and decides that he’s long overdue for some respect–embarking on a rampage through the different departments of his company in order to remind his lackeys who’s really in charge.

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Author: Jordan Ramée