Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Patch Notes, File Size Revealed

It’s a big day for Call of Duty, as the Season 3 update for Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard releases today, April 27. The patch notes for Warzone specifically are now available, along with other key details like the file size. This is another very large update, coming in at around 40GB across all platforms.

The Operation Monarch event that adds King Kong and Godzilla is coming during Season 3, but not until May 11. Today at launch, however, players can pick up a new operator, Mateo Hernandez, by purchasing the new battle pass to unlock the character and related cosmetics immediately.

Season 3 also brings back the popular and fan-favorite Iron Trials mode (for the first time on Caldera), while another standout for the new season is a new Gulag called Hold, which is set on a ship. The Warzone map also now has more new locations, including Dig Site, which hosts the skeletons of massive creatures. Also, players will immediately notice that Warzone’s skybox has changed to tease a storm on the horizon. There is also a new “Sabotage” contract that gives players a vehicle target somewhere on the map. Players who successfully destroy the target will get an armored truck delivered via plane.

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Author: Eddie Makuch