Spider-Man Spinoff Movie El Muerto Announced, Bad Bunny Starring

Sony Pictures has announced a new Spider-Man spinoff film called “El Muerto,” and Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio AKA Bad Bunny will play the title role.

El Muerto tells the story of the antihero son of a luchador who is next in line to “inherit the ancestral power of ‘El Muerto,'” Sony said in a release. El Muerto will be the first Latino character to lead a live-action Marvel movie. Sony also recently announced another Spider-Man spinoff movie, Madame Web, which marks the first female character in the Spidey universe with her own film.

“The character of El Muerto aka Juan Carlos was a super powered wrestler who originally fought Spider-Man in a charity wrestling match in which he nearly unmasked the webslinger before being stung by Spider-Man with a paralyzing poison,” Deadline reported. “After his oppressor El Dorado came to claim his life, he was saved by Spider-Man, after which the two team up to defeat Dorado.”

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Author: Eddie Makuch