Loba Guide – Apex Legends

Although Apex Legends is a fast-paced, aggression-focused battle royale experience, you can’t do much fighting without getting some guns and ammo first. And if you want to provide you and your team with plenty of that sweet loot and a dose of situational awareness, you may benefit from checking out Loba.

While she may not bring any offensive abilities to the table, the stylish and loot-hungry Loba can be a valuable addition to any team composition. Her ability to track and find purple items is invaluable for getting looted up, while her incredibly useful ultimate ability allows her to set up a shop for easy access to all nearby items. Read on for some info and tips on how to make the most of this team-focused legend.

Abilities that are all about the loot

If your goal is to bring offensive abilities to the table in your squad makeup, you won’t have much luck with Loba. Instead, she acts as loot scout and mobile item shop, making her incredibly helpful for staying stocked up–something that is even more vital in sticky situations when you may need a bit of extra ammo or healing items.

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Author: Billy Givens