Horizon Guide – Apex Legends

Apex Legends players who learn to adapt to its extremely mobile playstyle are typically rewarded with better outcomes. The goal, of course, is to remember the basics, such as taking height when possible, repositioning quickly and efficiently, and blocking enemy advances. If that sounds like a role you’d like to help your squad with, you may want to check out Horizon.

Horizon is an excellent choice for those who enjoy reaching height quickly and pushing enemy teams aggressively. Her tactical ability can get her and her squad to the tops of areas rapidly, while her passive, which negates the speed penalty for falling, makes her a deadly combatant when she gets the drop on someone. Read on for some info and tips for making the most of this spacewalking legend.

Abilities for going up, abilities for coming down

Horizon is a master of taking height on enemy squads, while she can also drop on them just as easily without being slowed down by the fall. Because of this, she’s a great choice for anyone who wants to constantly reposition up and down to throw off an opposing team.

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Author: Billy Givens