The Batman Fan Video Seamlessly Inserts Adam West, Classic Villains

To start your Monday off right, please enjoy the amazing effort that Los Angeles-based VFX production crew Corridor Digital went to, painstakingly insert OG Batman actor Adam West into the latest Batman film. Or, as Corridor itself describes the video, “[we] seek to undo the injustice that was done to Batman actor Adam West.”

In the video explaining how the meticulously updated The Batman trailer was executed, the crew insist that West’s dramatic acting abilities were underutilized in the original ’60s Batman series–but his performances fit perfectly with Matt Reeves’ vision. With a sublime and flawless mix of West’s Batman, Burt Ward’s Robin, and a number of classic villains from the TV series rotoscoped over the original–the result is something truly inspired. Check out the 90-second clip below, and definitely keep an eye out for West’s Batman dodging a storm of bullets by dancing.

On Twitter, Reeves called the video “amazing.” And he isn’t alone–within 24 hours of the video being posted on Sunday, the clip as of this writing has amassed 531,511 views. It’s also currently in the top trending videos on YouTube.

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Author: David Wolinsky