PAX East 2022: SpiderHeck Could Be The Perfect Spiritual Successor To Duck Game

TinyBuild’s booth at PAX East 2022 was much, much more than a booth. It was a full-on carnival, complete with games that would fit in at any county fair (you could play whack-a-mole or fish for trinkets with a crane game) and plenty of actual video games. At the back of the publisher’s area was something that stood out from the rest of the bright-orange decorations though: a massive inflatable spider loomed over a set of four TVs, inviting attendees to try SpiderHeck, what could be my favorite multiplayer brawler since Duck Game.

SpiderHeck is just about as silly as its name sounds. It’s a physics-based platform brawler, which is a long-winded way of saying you beat up other players and things fly all over the place. In SpiderHeck’s case, players control spiders (duh) that can pick up weapons and zip around the game’s 2D maps by shooting webs.

Since it’s a four-player brawler, I was thrown right into a game with two other PAX attendees–as well as a PR person–and had an absolute blast. There are some games where it’s useful to know the people you’re playing with to really have a good time, and SpiderHeck isn’t one of them.

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Author: Otto Kratky