Why we can’t record mobile phone calls — and why we should be able to

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Several years ago, I had to deal with a situation that may be familiar to a lot of people: I was slammed with a series of high medical bills that had been denied by the insurance company. The doctor was in network, but according to the insurance company, his bills were coded wrong. Or wait, his facilities weren’t in network or… well, you get the idea. It took over a year and many phone calls to iron out the issue — and I wouldn’t have gotten through it had I not been able to record each phone call I made with the insurance company and the various medical facilities involved.

Today, it would be nearly impossible.

Federal law in the US says that you can legally record a phone conversation, but only if you are taking part in that…

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Author: Barbara Krasnoff