Tales From The Borderlands Sequel Coming Later This Year

A sequel to Tales From The Borderlands is releasing later this year, featuring an all-new story and characters.

Announced by 2K and Gearbox, the sequel to Telltale Games’ episodic point-and-click adventure game has been in development for years, according to the developers. The biggest change between the sequel and the original is that the sequel title is being developed in-house by Gearbox instead of by Telltale Games. This could be because Telltale Games shut down in 2018 before the studio was revived (at least by name) in 2019.

The original Tales from the Borderlands took place between Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3, with some of its starring characters, like Rhys and Vaughn, appearing in Borderlands 3. The game was taken down from digital storefronts, but was eventually restored in early 2021. No details were provided about the game’s story and characters beyond saying that it would be focused on new characters. Gearbox also didn’t announce platforms for the sequel, but the original game is available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC.

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Author: James Carr