PS5 Bundles Will Be Available At GameStop Tomorrow, April 23

You’ll have another chance to purchase the PS5 this weekend. GameStop has announced that it will have PS5 bundles in stock tomorrow, April 23. The restock will only be available in stores, but unlike other recent GameStop restocks, every GameStop store in the US will have the bundles on hand. GameStop’s latest restock will include both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital bundles. As usual, you will have to have an active PowerUp Rewards Pro membership to purchase a bundle.

GameStop hasn’t revealed the contents of the PS5 bundles, but they typically come with combination of gift cards, PSN credit, PS Plus memberships, and accessories such as a second DualSense controller. All told, expect to pay anywhere from around $650 to $800 for a bundle, depending on whether you are eyeing the standard PS5 or cheaper PS5 Digital. The one good thing about GameStop’s more recent PS5 bundles is that they haven’t included games, so you likely won’t have to purchase a bundle with a game you don’t want.

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Author: Steven Petite