Elden Ring Best PvP Build – Rivers Of Blood

Elden Ring Patch 1.04 has now had a few days to marinate, which means that some well-deserved changes and rebalances have affected the PvP metagame. Except, of course, for anyone wielding the superpowered Moonveil or Rivers of Blood katanas into combat, as they are just as powerful as ever. At least until they get nerfed in a future update. That said, the Rivers of Blood katana gives its wielder a special skill called Corpse Piler which can theoretically allow them to take on any boss (including Malenia) and with the press of a button, can usually eviscerate other players–just as long as they manage to get the first strike advantage.

Getting the first strike isn’t always an option, and since Corpse Piler can sap your resources and leave you vulnerable, you may still find yourself at the mercy of experienced opponents in PvP. That said, we’ve come up with the perfect Rivers of Blood PvP build that–in the right hands–can contend against any enemy, in any circumstance.

Preferred Attributes:

In the following order, you’ll want to focus on allocating your attribute points into Arcane, Endurance, Vigor, and Dexterity. It’s important to keep them almost equally high, but–ignoring what the Rivers of Blood item description says–your main DPS stats are Arcane and then Dexterity in that order. You probably won’t want to put many points into Strength, which contributes the least amount toward Rivers of Blood’s damage output. Regarding the other three attributes, you only really need to cap your Mind at 20 or at most, 25. Further, you don’t need any points in Faith or Intelligence at all, but if you increase your four main stats to at least 50 apiece and then subsequently choose to branch into magic later on (once you’ve reached level 175+ or thereabouts) you might find some use in investing into Faith, which allows the use of powerful dragon roar abilities and other incantations that can provide added attack power, such as Golden Vow or Flame, Grant Me Strength.

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Author: Gabriel Moss