Destiny 2 Is Changing How Good Guns Are When You’re Airborne

Airborne combat has always been a massive part of Destiny 2’s design, and major changes are on the horizon for this facet of the game in Season 17. For PvP players who regularly inhabit the Crucible and Trials of Osiris, these will be some major changes to how they build and invest in their Guardians, as airborne combat is a crucial strategy in Destiny 2’s multiplayer.

As detailed in Bungie’s latest weekly blog post, the studio will make a fundamental change to the modifiers applied while airborne. The most obvious tweaks include less randomness in projectile accuracy in most cases for primary weapons, but you’ll have less aim assist when you take to the skies.

As part of this new focus, Bungie is adding a new weapon stat, “Airborne Effectiveness,” which is present on all viable weapons and maps onto aspects of airborne gunplay. Depending on how much you invest in building up this aspect of your Guardian, Bungie says you can expect the following changes:

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys