Rocket League’s New Knockout Bash Mode Turns The Game Into A Battle Royale

Rocket League is adding a new Limited Time Event called Knockout Bash on April 27, in which players will battle it out to be the last car standing.

Unlike Rocket League’s regular soccer modes, Knockout Bash ditches balls and goals as eight players must knock each other off of platforms or into hazards until one player remains. This mode will play out across three different arenas–Quadron, Carbon, and Calavera–and players will need to master new gameplay mechanics such as blocking and grabbing if they want to survive the free-for-all action.

Knockout doesn’t have unlimited respawns, as players will be knocked out of the game once they’ve been eliminated three times. Any player knocked into the safezone will have 10 seconds to return to the arena, with that area shrinking in size. If there are still players in the arena after six minutes, the match will enter Sudden KO and where every Attack or Throw is at maximum power. Being knocked out of the safezone causes an instant elimination as well.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys