Hot Drop: Apex Legends Is Ramping Up Towards All-Out War Ahead Of Season 13

Hot Drop is GameSpot’s weekly Apex Legends column, in which Jordan Ramée takes a closer look at Respawn’s battle royale to provide additional insight into the game’s evolution, as well as dive deeper into its episodic storytelling and characters.

I thought I had covered all my bases last week when I theorized as to who Octane’s dad is, with the second-to-last chapter of Season 12’s Quest revealing that Eduardo Silva had died years earlier and that an imposter was posing as him. But as the finale of The Perfect Son has shown, that is not the case.

As it turns out, Eduardo Silva is actually Torres Silva, Octane’s grandfather. Torres took his son’s place following his death, and despite being close to 100 years old has managed to maintain the look of a middle-aged man by taking a special concoction of Stim, which is fed to him through that cane he’s always carrying around. The reveal was quickly followed by two more: one expected, and the other not so much.

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Author: Jordan Ramée