Sony Is Also Planning An In-Game Ads Program Similar To Xbox – Report

Sony has begun working on a plan to place ads inside of PlayStation games through a software developer program, according to a new report.

Sources speaking to Bloomberg claim that Sony began work 18 months ago on the project and is currently doing testing with adtech partners on ways to help game developers place in-game advertising in their titles, with a particular emphasis on using them in free-to-play games. Using the system, developers could be incentivized to create more F2P games that could be monetized this way, as those titles have seen a surge in popularity during the current pandemic era.

Sony’s plan is similar to the one that Microsoft has reportedly begun development on, which is also working on methods for inserting ads in Xbox games. If all goes according to plan, Sony will reportedly launch its new effort by the end of 2022 and sell advertising space for its own PlayStation games through a private marketplace.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys