Best Sonic Games: Ranking The Top 10 Entries In Series History

Sonic the Hedgehog has a rocky history in the world of video games. Over the span of several decades, the Blue Blur has starred in more than 30 titles–ranging from critically acclaimed classics to universally panned spin-offs. Despite the spotty track record, Sonic boasts a loyal fanbase and remains one of the most iconic mascots in gaming. We’ve rounded up the best Sonic games of all time.

Rather than ranking every Sonic game ever made, we decided to stick to the top 10 entries in series history. That means that we’d recommend playing every game on this list, and you won’t find the less than stellar (read: pretty bad) titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) or Sonic and the Black Knight on here. We also limited our picks to the traditional platforming adventures, but there are some Sonic spin-offs worth checking out, including Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and Team Sonic Racing.

As you’ll no doubt notice with our picks, Sonic the Hedgehog peaked early in its history, but several modern Sonic games managed to snag a spot here. Unsurprisingly, the upcoming Sonic Origins compilation contains four of the best Sonic games ever. Sonic Origins releases June 23 for consoles and PC. All of the other games on this list can be found easily on various modern platforms, too.

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Author: Jon Bitner