Why It’s Time for Gamers to Embrace the Cloud

The game industry landscape has always been fluid and innovative. From playing Pong at home on your TV to gaming with other players simultaneously around the world, rapid advances in technology have driven the industry through many paradigm shifts over the years.

Some of our readers may remember times when video games were restricted to dimly lit, densely populated arcades (if not, ask your parents), but games have grown up and out into enormous islands of their own. Anyone with a connected device has access to subscription-based services and free-to-play games, plus completely new genres like AR and VR are emerging. The metaverse promises to introduce infinitely more immersive worlds in the coming years, and there are also brand-new ways to play today, such as cloud gaming.

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Of all the emerging forms of gameplay in the industry, cloud gaming is by far one of the most exciting, and certainly the most consequential. In our increasingly connected world, “the cloud” is a term that usually refers to types of software and services that run by way of servers that are accessed over the internet. Instead of running Microsoft Word locally on your computer, you may access Office 365 or Google Docs, which are hosted via remote server. Cloud gaming is based on the same principle. Games running on powerful remote hardware are streamed to users on high-bandwidth connections, so they’re playable on devices that wouldn’t necessarily be compatible or have the processing power to run them locally, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and TVs – all possible without the need for consoles.

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Author: GameSpot Staff