Best Incantations In Elden Ring

In previous From Software games, Faith builds never quite made it to S tier status. However, Elden Ring’s closed network test showed off a handful of truly broken Incantations that made the community wonder if Faith would finally see its time in the sun. Now that the dust has settled, its clear that while Incantations might not quite stack up against the raw power of Sorceries, they more than make up for it with utility and versatility, making Faith builds a viable strategy to get you through the PvE experience and even into PvP.

Here are the top 10 Incantations in Elden Ring. Rather than focus on raw power alone, we’ve taken into consideration ease of use, functionality, and how early in the game you can get your hands on the spells.

Lightning Spear

Lightning Spear
Lightning Spear

Lightning Spear is one of the most crucial Incantations to add to your toolbox early. With a modest FP cost, great range, and quick windup time, it is among the best ways to pick off smaller enemies in a group from a distance, or lure out bigger threats to take on one at a time. With this in your arsenal, you can get through the whole game without ever having to rely on throwing knives or arrows. Beware of the windup animation, though; your character will take a large step forward upon releasing the bolt, which can send you right off a cliff if you’re not careful.

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Author: Sam Pape