This FF7 Buster Sword clock prevents you from casting snooze

The alarm clock looks cool, but it’s missing a very important button. | Image: Square Enix (with minor edits by Mitchell Clark / The Verge)

Are a Final Fantasy VII fan? Tired of oversleeping? Don’t want to use your phone as an alarm lest you get sucked into doomscrolling? Well, do I ever have the solution for you: a standalone digital clock fashioned after Final Fantasy VII’s iconic Buster Sword.

The miniature replica of Cloud Strife’s ridiculously large sword — specifically, the version in Final Fantasy VII Remake — is set at an angle reminiscent of how you see it on the game’s main menu screen. The time is illuminated prominently thanks to a display on the sword’s blade, and the materia near the hilt light up, too.

Image: Square Enix

A closer look at the clock. Wonder what materia those are.

If you like Final Fantasy VII Remake’s music — like me…

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Author: Jay Peters